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May, 2012

WHAT’S NEW from Members of the Landis Review:

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NEW! The second book of Bruce’s trilogy, following Mountains of the Night is Magic of Wild Places, NOW AVAILABLE!

Bruce Taylor’s book: Mountains of the Night is now available. More information.

Roberta Gregory’s book: Follow Your Art, is also available. More information.

NEW! ALL THREE books (listed above) can now be purchased from the Third Place Press website.  Here is the LINK!

Bruce has co-edited (and is a contributor to) a highly-acclaimed anthology titled Like Water for Quarks. (info HERE)

His new book from Eraserhead Press, Metamorphosis Blues is available at Barnes and Noble-- (Link HERE!) 

Also from Eraserhead Press is the reprint of Mister Magic Realism. Details HERE!

Roberta’s True Cat Toons site is now up, as well as her new Roberta Gregory site.

COMING SOON to this website:

Who was Marie Landis? 

Meet more members of Landis Review.

Even more advice and resources for writers!


The Alaska Way Viaduct Memorial Sculpture

As everyone in Seattle knows, the Alaska Way Viaduct, that waterfront elevated highway (and eyesore) is being torn down. Bruce Taylor envisioned a part of it to remain as a memorial sculpture, and Roberta Gregory did a quick illustration.

See it with this LINK!