There is a saying that one’s art takes one to places never imagined. (Actually, there seem to be many versions of this saying, but you get the idea!) This is certainly true of Roberta Gregory, who is noted for her groundbreaking work in women’s alternative comics, has received countless award nominations and other credits throughout her decades-long career, and has well over a thousand drawn pages in print as well as an animated cartoon series produced of her most notorious character. And, since Roberta loves to travel as much as she loves to write stories and draw pictures, her creative journey has taken her to some interesting places, whether it’s a cross-country Amtrak journey to a convention, a rollicking road-trip book-signing tour, or invitations to Spain, Portugal and Sweden. And you are invited along for the ride. (Don’t worry, most of it is budget travel!)

Follow Your Art--

Roberta’s Comic Trips

By Roberta Gregory

Stories are loaded with juicy detail and wry observations. Enjoy a cross country train trip to Saratoga Springs, and visit some of the actual springs (as well as a horse with a paint job). Come along on a ragtag book tour/road trip from Minneapolis to Toronto. Watch Donna and Roberta turn into “desert rats” in California. Thoroughly explore a coastal Spanish city that few Americans seem to know about; tour the ancient countryside of Asturias and visit the sights of Barcelona.  Lavish dinners as well as quirky airline meals are thoroughly diagrammed. Enjoy warm Portuguese hospitality, visit the bone chapel (and scary restrooms) of Evora. Learn the secret of the Cork Trick so you can amaze and/or annoy your friends! And don’t miss Pride Week in Stockholm. Get to know Roberta’s traveling companions, Bruce Taylor and Donna Barr, and meet many other artists and writers along the way-- not to mention the wonderfully generous people who have made so much of this possible.

And above all, come to appreciate the natural and cultural bounty of Roberta’s home in the Pacific Northwest, and she will explain how her art and writing brought her to this lovely part of the world in the first place. Learn all about Mount Rainier and Oregon’s countless volcanoes, speculate on the origin of the Mima Mounds, visit the Makah nation, then drop into bibliophile heaven--the massive Seattle Public Library Book Sale. Finally, enjoy, in delicious detail, two weeks at Hedgebrook, a retreat for women writers where creativity is revealed as the true gift it really is. The entire book is Roberta’s “thank you” to those who help life to be such a thoroughly engaging adventure.

What else is Roberta doing? visit her website!